How to stay fit during the holiday season

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How to stay fit during the

holiday season.

By: Kelly Terwilliger

With the holiday season in full swing the temptations are out and ready to destroy all that hard work you’ve put in these last few months.  So how do we find balance during this holiday season and set realistic goals so that we enjoy life too? I have a few tips that are sure to help!

#1  Plan and track your workouts and nutrition.  You have a holiday party on Saturday so have that be your “indulge” day.  Plan your workouts and stick to your nutrition plan so that, when Saturday comes, you can indulge a little.  Do not take a rest day until the day of the party and even then, if you can get something in then do it. If you stuck to your plan all week you will feel less guilt when you bite into that apple pie or enjoy an extra glass of Opus One.

#2  Carb cycle your days based on the plan you just mapped out.  If you know you're going to a party or parties, be sure to have a low carb day the day prior and the day after to help offset your “indulge” day.  This nutritional approach allows you to go between high and low carbohydrate and calorie days throughout the week to keep your metabolism guessing.  For me, I like to do 2 high carb days a week then the rest is a low or no carb day. This allows for a guilt free plan and enjoy the finer things in life.  

#3  Increase training intensity.  High intensity workouts will keep your metabolism moving even after your workout is completed.  This will ensure you continue to burn fat. Some suggestions are to decrease your rest periods, add in a plyometric moves, or incorporate sprints in between each set.  Make a goal to do 3 days a week of high intensity work and stick to it. Promise your waistline will appreciate it. If working during your rest period doesn’t sound appealing, head over to the treadmill or elliptical and do an interval workout.  Need a plan? Send me a quick message. I will be happy to send you something.

#4  After your big feast, plan for a big muscle group day such as legs or back.  The extra foods you had before can be utilized and I will guarantee you will have an awesome workout and feel extra strong.  Doing DVD’s at home? Double up and do legs along with cardio!

#5 Exercise raises serotonin levels and can reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones.  You may think you don’t have time to get a 30 minute workout in but you’ll actually feel calmer and more confident when completed.  If you don’t have time to get to the gym do something at home. My “go to” for all my clients is something as simple as this.

200 lunges, 100 jump squats, 100 weighted crunches, 5 minutes total planks.  No weights are required and it will for sure get your blood flowing and empower you to stay on track with your nutrition throughout the day.  

For more tips and tricks on how to stay fit during the holiday’s send me a message.  My true passion is to support YOU in your health and fitness goals and empower you to succeed!  



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