Personal Journey to Balancing my Hormones


Personal Journey to Balancing my Hormones

Several months ago, I decided to reach out to a Functional Medicine doctor.  I was having some hormone issues with brain fog, acne, and my hair was falling out in excess. I was tired all the time and was slowly seeing the scale creep up even though I was eating the same and working out 5 days a week.  When I discussed this with my OBGYN, he said that progesterone should help.  I was open to taking it because I had been on it in the past.  He also said I needed it since I was on the estrogen patch. 


After 3 weeks of taking it, I started to feel the side effects.  I was getting rashes all over my body, having chest pains, anxiety struck at random times and my emotions were on a wild roller coaster ride.  When I discussed this with my OB, he told me that he would prescribe me anti-depressants.  I told him I wasn't depressed and that I thought it was the progesterone.  He said, "well just try it and see how you feel."  I NEVER picked them up. 


I started thinking about everything and realized this doctor wasn't the right fit for me.  For those that know me, follow me, love me, you know I will do ANYTHING the natural way before I result to pills.  I was able to beat high blood pressure and reverse my osteoporosis with nutrition.  It's a heck of a lot cheaper than pills and I like to eat so that’s a WIN/WIN for me!  I felt that my regular OB was trying to mask the symptoms and not fix the underlying causes, so I started to do my own research.  Sometimes you have to because you know your body way better than anyone else.  I immediately looked up Functional Medicine doctors here in Dallas and knew that was the route I was going to take.  I've used a functional medicine practitioner before to support me in my battle with high blood pressure and osteoporosis, so I was comfortable with their approach.  I know they get to the root cause verses masking symptoms with pills. 


The minute I walked into the clinic, I felt a sense of relief.  The functional medicine doctor performed a number of tests which included blood work, checking my thyroid, vitamins, etc.  I also had to do a few home tests including a saliva hormone test.  This was kinda weird but I did it.  When I got the results back, we saw that I had a good amount of plastic and heavy metals in my body.  She also saw that my hormones were off...duh...and that I had leaky gut.  I questioned this because as you know, I eat healthy.  I'm human and I do eat the NO NO's every once in a while, but I'm not a walking french fry!


The doctor said that I may not have the symptoms that most people have, but my prior high blood pressure and osteoporosis are signs that my nutrients are not absorbing properly.  She said that I may be consuming "healthy foods" that do not agree with my body.  For instance, I found out eggs and nightshades do not agree with me and I eat a TON of them.  Could this be what caused my symptoms along with my hormonal imbalance?  If I avoid these foods, will I still have some hormonal imbalance? Maybe its the plastics and metal that are throwing me off?   Who knows.  That's what we are currently investigating.  She suggested I get rid of the plastic containers I've been using along with any plastic water bottles.  She also suggested I take Epson salt baths to help detoxify.  The last thing she suggested is to start an elimination diet. 


I've seen clients and family members have great success with elimination diets so I know they are the REAL DEAL. I knew it would bechallenging, so I got myself mentally prepared.  I started July 1, which probably wasn't the smartest since July 4th was right around the corner and I had family coming to town a few days after, but when you are mentally prepared you just go for it!  It's kind of cliche to say, but I do feel better!  I'm sleeping better, have no brain fog and have a ton of energy even though I'm not allowed any caffeine!   I had to slow down on my workouts though which has been hard for me as you can imagine.  I'm not too concerned though, because I'm down to my regular weight vs 10lbs heavier. 


My dietitian has been helpful but I have been loosely following The Elimination Diet book by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre.  It's been a great resource as I reintroduce foods back into my meal plan.  Here's the link on Amazon if you want to purchase it and go through the entire protocol to find the foods that are your triggers.


Now just to make something clear, I am in no shape or form being a negative Nancy about western medicine practices.  I have a few clients and friends who are nurses and doctors, and I respect them so much.  I share this story with you because I didn't feel like my OBGYN was listening to what I was saying.  Instead of going to another doctor I felt it would be the best thing for me to see a functional doctor since I've seen the results in the past with them.  The takeaway should be to listen to your "gut".  I didn't feel that something was right.  Just because someone is an MD doesn't mean he knows everything about YOUR situation.  Find the person who will get to the root cause.  There are so many autoimmune disorders popping up daily that doctors prescribe meds for.  What would happen if they prescribe food?  Think about that for a little while.   

Some of you have been asking when the next FASTer Way to Fat Loss 6 week bootcamp will be. Here is the link with the most recent start date. I'm going to incorporate some of what I'm learning to help heal gut health, reduce inflammation and balance hormones naturally in the meal plans.  Most recipes are already gluten and dairy free which is a great start!  You can also jumpstart the process with this Crockpot and Core Ebook. If you think you may be interested, let's schedule a quick consult and go over your goals.  Head over to the WORK WITH ME tab and click CONTACT ME.

 Here are my results, now let's get you YOURS!!!  

As always, thanks for being a great support to Results M~Fit.  I couldn't do what I love without you all! If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Like page, I will keep you posted! I'm happy to share my tips and tricks that kept me on track and sane....Well kinda.  Until then, wish me luck.  






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