Kelly is a very motivating coach and inspiring person. Thanks to her, I toned up and FINALLY got below my pre-pregnancy weight and am the lightest I’ve been since high school (which was a long time ago!). Most importantly, I’ve regained my confidence. Kelly pushes me to challenge myself when I need a little nudge and she is always a great cheerleader. She has made all the difference in me getting my body back and I am so grateful to her!
Eat clean and exercise. It is a simple philosophy yet we all know it’s not always that simple for some of us. I like the fact that if I do slip up and fall off the horse, she’s not there to beat me down. She’s there to help pick me up and get back on. I don’t have time for long drawn out workouts and she’s a believer in 30 minutes of hard work a day is all you need. She also leads by example. You better believe that anything she asks you to do, she does herself.
~ Atom Smasher (Greg)
Biggest WIN...Sticking to the workouts

Testimonial- I have tried many programs, and have always lost weight, but with this program I have lost weight and increased my energy. I felt like I could make it through the entire day without feeling tired. I have always thought that carbs were the enemy, but love that this program allows you to include carbs and fat and still continue to lose weight.
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FASTer Way To Fat Loss Testimonial!